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5 Important Safety Tips For Residential Garage Doors


Anyone who has a home with a garage can attest to how convenient it is. Once you’ve had a garage, it’s hard to imagine ever having a home without one.

While garage doors have come a long way over the years as far as functionality and safety, it’s still something homeowners should be mindful of. The last thing you want to do is have an injury or worse occur, especially if it was avoidable.

Using Care & Caution For Garage Doors

Don’t let your loved ones be at risk, or your garage door become a liability!

  1. Choose custom garage doors based on safety above all else. Sure, your doors should look good and pair well with the style of your home, but the primary focus should be on safety.
  2. Hire reputable garage door installers. Please avoid cut-rate companies or anyone without proper licensing and insurance who offers to install or repair your garage door. The minimal amount of money saved isn’t worth the drastically increased risk.
  3. Don’t leave the door ajar. Not only can animals or uninvited guests find a way into your garage when you leave it partially open, but it can also lead to becoming stuck or having the door close while someone or something is underneath.
  4. Know about emergency features before there’s an emergency. When you have your new door installed, go over how it works and how the emergency functions operate. Otherwise, your garage door with a safety feature for emergencies is irrelevant because you don’t know how to use these vital features.
  5. Keep the door opener out of reach for children. Curious kids can end up injured or worse if they’re able to get ahold of the controller for something like your garage door.

The crew at Garage Door Systems, Inc. is ready to provide you with information and products that promote safety. Homeowners in areas like Longmont, Estes Park, Berthoud, Boulder, and Northern Front Range can call us today for optimal service from our team of expert Garage door installers.

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