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Garage Door Repair Warning Signs – Watch For These Red Flags

Warning signs boulder garage door repairs

It is true that without formal training in the field of garage doors, you may find yourself quite surprised when something goes awry with yours. However, once questioned, most homeowners do realize that something seemed amiss. In hindsight, there were often clues as to the need for repair service, yet those telltale signs were ignored. Being able to recognize these indicators, and act accordingly, is the key to avoiding costly emergency repair needs.

What You Need to Know

Living in Boulder, or any of the surrounding areas, means appreciating the garage. This gives you the space needed to safely warm up the car in the morning. It also provides you with a warmed space to pull into and unload your belongings from the car, while protected against the elements. So, learn what you need to so instead of saying, "I had no idea anything was wrong," you can get proactive about making a call to get repair service.

If you notice a delayed response when you push the button for your garage door, or lack of response altogether, it should be checked out. First, try replacing the batteries in the remote to see if this makes a difference. If not, call for professional service. The last thing that you want is to end up stuck with a garage door that is no longer working properly.

Maybe the door moves, but it seems to be in slow motion. Aside from being annoying and testing your patience, this usually means something is wrong with your torsion springs. Fixing this is important not only for regular speed operation, but because these springs pose a threat of harming someone or something, should one of them snap.

Sounds are also a good indicator that something is wrong with your garage door system. While no garage door is quiet, you should be familiar with the usual noises that it makes for proper functionality. If the new sound you hear is scraping, that often means that the alignment is off. A noise like squeaking usually indicates that you need to either lubricate the track, or have the torsion springs checked out.

Use Common Sense

Even if you just notice something seems off about your garage door, it is better to play it safe than be sorry. Call on Garage Door Systems, Inc. to get the information that you need, and avoid a minor issue developing into a major catastrophe. We look forward to working with you and helping to address your garage door service needs.

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